The Hidden Potential To Create

Laying dormant within the seed is the hidden potential to not only produce something greater than its size would suggest but also the potential to recreate itself. From the acorn comes the Oak and from the miniscule mustard seed comes the mighty Mustard tree, these go on to produce more fruit and in turn more seeds creating a cycle that perpetuates and sustains itself.

The Hidden Potential to Create

It is no wonder then that Faith is described as a seed. Faith is the vehicle which can be used to create an existence that exceeds its humble beginnings. As those seeds of faith are planted in your heart and grow the fruit or outcomes it produces in your life will produce more seeds of faith leading to even greater exploits.

But it all starts with that seed.

Today we pray that the seeds of faith, which are the words of Jahweh our Father, will be planted in your heart causing you to triumph over every obstacle you face, unlocking your hidden potential and bringing into existence all the plans He has for you to prosper you and bring your life to a good final destination.

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