Growing in dark places

Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.
John 12 vs 24.

For a seed to grow it must be planted in the ground.

In the solitude and darkness of its earthy grave it appears to die before germination and new growth can take place. Jesus used this transformative cycle, from life to death to a great harvest to explain to His disciples the purpose of His pending death on the cross and that from His death and resurrection a great harvest of lives would follow.

In my life I have discovered that it is in the darkness of solitude that I have experienced the most transformation. In faith we allow the death of our self serving fleshy carnal desires and will to produce a new life in the spirit . This transformation is not a fast or easy process and may take months or indeed years before a strong enough root system is developed and the blade of new life emerges above the ground for others to see. We are reassured that even when it is not visible to others, change is happening and that as surely as there was a time to plant that there will be a harvest in your life as we continuously water those seeds of faith with the Living Word of God.

Growing in darkness is an often painful and lonely experience only made purposeful by its harvest; a new life, the fruit of the Spirit and the discovery of the purpose for which we were created.

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