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Our company is established on the Christian belief that God has provided, within nature, the remedy and cure for all known and undiscovered diseases that impact on the health and well being of the human race. This belief comes from the many Biblical sources that state trees and herbs were given for the “ healing of the nations”, their fruit as food and their leaves and oils as medicine.

Our company culture expresses our core belief which encourages our customers to recognise that health and wellness have a direct correlation to the wellbeing of their souls, their emotions and mind.

This will enable them to make and maintain decisions that will positively impact on their health.

We ensure that our products are sourced from high quality manufacturers that also share and promote our company ethos and promote fair, good working conditions and opportunities for their employees.

We are committed to giving to and working in partnership with good causes.

Black Seed Oil BE IN HEALTH- Nigella Sativa
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Our Story

In search for the answer to health issues ranging from stress fuelled weight gain, joint pains and hair loss, the discovery of the Black seed oil has been an answer to our prayers.By using the oil in its pure form and by combining it with other nutraceuticals we have seen vast improvements in these conditions.
Our pure cold pressed virgin oil comes from the Negev,the southern region of Israel where Abraham settled and is the portion of land allocated to the tribe of Judah by Joshua. A crossroad for Africa, Asia and Europe this historic desert,later forming the centre of the Kingdom of Solomon, is now fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah as it miraculously breaks out into flowers.
Black Seed oil used for centuries in this region is now made for Be In Health with the latest innovative technology and under strict hygiene and good manufacturing guidelines to ensure it remains fit for the King's table.

Other benefits of BlackSeed Oil!

Reducing high blood pressure

Reducing high cholesterol.

Improving rheumatoid arthritis symptoms


Certified Products

  • Good manufacturing

  • Kosher and Halal

  • Vegan

  • Non GMO

  • Cold-pressed Virgin Oil

  • No Alcohol

  • Solvent Free

  • 100% pure guaranteed

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Throughout the centuries, Ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek cultures all valued the many properties of Black Seed Oil with the earliest usage of Black Seed traced back to the Assyrians in ancient Egypt. So extremely valued as a daily part of life and described as a panacea by the Egyptians a bottle was said to be found in the grave of Egyptian King Tut.

Believed to originate from the Mediterranean region it has spread over the years throughout northern Africa, eastern Asia, and southern Europe.

Rich in DHAs and containing a wider range of nutrients it is one of the most researched nutraceutical ingredients with many positive outcomes for

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Hair and skin conditions

  • As a natural way to effectively boost the immune system.

We select the finest gifts of nature from around the world; fit for the King's table.

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